Saturday, July 11, 2015

History Is Made | One Flag Up, One Flag Down

It's been a historic few weeks. With the ever present tone of continued turmoil across the world, let us reflect on a battle fought and won with regards to a symbol of oppression coming down, and a symbol of human rights going up in the U.S.

It's beautiful, isn't it? Such a simple cartoon, yet it's so profound.

If you come across someone who's defensive of the confederate flag, think about passing on this piece. Here, there is undeniable evidence, from the creator of the flag:

I'd say there's not much heritage to protect, unless it's one built on racism, slavery, and oppression through a belief in white supremacy. It's a beautiful thing, that flag has come down in South Carolina, but will it remain exalted elsewhere?

On the flip side, in a movement to support equality for all, sexuality as a tool of oppression took a major hit as the Supreme Court voted to make same-sex marriage a human right. It's a major win for people across the world who believe in peace, justice and sustainability.

Imagine, if you are heterosexual, not being able to freely love the one you love because you are homosexual. Put yourself in someone else's shoes. Think about community, respect, and being human. This is one of the greatest things to come from the Supreme Court in this history of its creation.

The war wages on, but in every war, battles are fought and victories, as small as they may seem in the grand scheme, should be celebrated. One symbol of hate down, one symbol of love and justice up.

In Solidarity.

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