Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The US Police State Has Spoken | If You're a Person of Color, WATCH OUT!!!

It's no laughing matter. It's not a joke. If Michael Brown was white. If Tamir Rice was white. If Eric Garner was white, would these three people be alive today? How have the police officers who took the lives of these innocent people not been punished?  While there is a thread to be sown here, it's unapologetically clear, racism is still alive and well in the US. In a recent piece by Democracy Now! Vince Warren speaks about how the police are getting away with killing people of color in the US.

Sustainability and peace are unachievable when justice is not served. After watching/reading Mr. Warren's piece take some time to read the articles accessible from this page. 

There's a reason the President is starting to get involved in issues of domestic police brutality. It's as sickening as it is disturbing for a nation that prides itself the way the US does to not only allow these injustices to continue, but to fail to understand how these acts ripple out into communities instilling fear into folks who are simply not white. Is it fair that black youth are 21x more likely to get shot by a police officer than non black youths? Please click on this link to hear what one kid had to say.

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