Monday, July 16, 2012

Is it Worth it to Keep Fixing Such an Obviously Broke System?

What will it take for a critical mass in the U.S. to answer this question honestly, and put forth efforts to learn from the mistakes of the past and take meaningful steps towards creating a future that's vibrant for all living creatures? At the core of all issues across the planet are the governmental bodies that perpetuate ills socially and environmentally. If you haven't yet had the epiphany that Republicans aren't that different than Democrats it's time for some summer reading! Although on a whole the U.S. system is and has been deeply flawed for some time, and continues to perpetuate mass ills for many, with well-being for a few, one way to keep one foot in and one foot out is to support third party politics in the upcoming election. The two party system is a direct representation of the falsity of this so called American democracy, and while the system as a whole is broke, the least one can do while it still exists-besides lobbying for ways to dismantle it and change it for the betterment of all-is to support people like Jill Stein.

The Green Party recently nominated the physician and activist for the upcoming election. Jill's running mate is the anti-poverty activist Cheri Honkala. In reality, parties attached to this ongoing system will not and can not bring the change necessary to those of us who believe in a justice centered world for all. However, the reality is this system continues to thrive, and unfortunately even the failures of the first African-American president, who ran on "Hope and Change", have still not shown people that it doesn't matter who the president is so long as corporations run the government and capitalism is the financial, economic and political ideology that rules. At the same time this upcoming election and its winners will shape American life to some degree so like capitalism "we" must play the game as its forces play on us, so let's educate ourselves on what's wrong, why it continues to be wrong, and beyond advocating for total change support those who shift the current paradigm enough so others might be more open to seeking the true answer outside of the political shackles that continue to rule 99.9% of the world.

A quote from Jill: "I strongly agree that grassroots democracy grows from the local community up, but at the same time, we have a state of emergency I think at the national level. And to silence the only hope of an opposition voice in this election when so much is at stake, I think would be a terrible loss for the American people. There’s no reason why Americans should have to walk into the voting booth in November and have only, effectively, two Wall Street-sponsored choices."
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