Friday, November 12, 2010

The Hungersite

I've said it before, and I'll say it again, if you're reading this and have other friends who use the Internet daily (you do!), just take 1 minute to visit,
There are 6 links and by clicking each one you do something good. Look closely at the sites and what each does, or just hit it up fast, no matter which way you choose if you use the computer, this should be the first page you visit each day.

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Monday, November 1, 2010

Vote for Peace, Justice, and Sustainability on November 2, 2010

As much as you can anyway.

It is for surely not the most "democratic system" as some might say. The failures in "our" system are such that one can most certainly point to the fact that by engaging in this system, like voting, one only serves to perpetuate the inequalities in policy, economics, law, and so on that the US system of government promotes to its people domestically, and all who are affected abroad. However, while working for true equity, while fighting for ways to change the racist, classist, and oppressive political system that celebrates some and castrates most (thank you capitalism), my perspective is your voice in the vote is better than without it. Why? I know radicalism and righteousness begs us to critique this train of thought-and it should-for perpetuating the system, but that's when I'll speak up and say,

"Okay, but the election will happen Tuesday, people will vote, and while this system does persist and we want it restructured/altered/obliterated dramatically, it's best to instill some form of difference within it, because it will shape many realities over the coming weeks/months/years and failing to honor that because you don't believe in the system trickles down to not believe in the change that we must have, that will come".

That's my 2 cents. It's so fake that "our" system is looked at as the best, most progressive, when the capitalist system, served mainly by rich white men in power, continue to serve their interests while impacting the lives of the many other people of color, low income individuals, houseless people, veterans of war, people without health insurance, and those that have been brainwashed to believe the American Dream will be there for them when the Dream itself could never exists without so many failing, so a few can rise to the top.

Here's a link to a progressive voter guide regarding the propositions:

When I vote, I primarily use my power to give support to whatever seems best for people and the earth (for example, no on 23), but also to give something to the Green Party, Peace and Freedom party, or other third party candidates. My hope for this system, beyond the total restructuring/altering of it so that actual liberty and justice for all is realised for all people and the earth, is that there can one day be more than 2 parties (or 3 if you count the conservative nuts in the Tea Party) so a real Democratic reality can be realised.

So Vote on Tuesday, make your voice heard, and if you choose not to, make sure you protest and articulate your thoughts on why you are not voting to others. Activism comes in many forms!

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